Looking Ahead

We enter 2019 with a strong capital base, a resilient & proven business model, robust implementation strategies, a well-diversified portfolio of assets, stable sources of funding and in pursuit of interesting opportunities emerging from a rebounding regional market. We remain deeply rooted in our core businesses viz. Commercial & Corporate Coverage, Retail Finance and Proprietary Investments & Treasury activities. Through our Group of companies, we offer an extended range of financial products and services ranging from insurance solutions to securities brokerage & margin lending services and from asset management & access to capital markets to Shari’a compliant financing solutions.

We continue to recalibrate our strategies and strategy execution capabilities on a regular basis in response to dynamic changes in market conditions. We are convinced that our corporate and business strategies are sound and we have the necessary mechanisms and execution capabilities in place to exploit profitable opportunities, to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, to continue managing risks well and to maximize returns for our shareholders.